Mend A Friend

The SPCA of Westchester has set up an emergency fund to help animals that come to our shelter requiring special veterinary care. The "Mend A Friend" fund allows the SPCA to help homeless and abused animals in need, making it possible for them to receive special surgery or expensive veterinary treatments beyond the scope of our Simpson Clinic.

Our Hero, King

King was rushed to the SPCA for emergency life-saving care after being dumped and left for dead in Mount Vernon. His condition is deplorable ... it's absolutely heartbreaking.

This sweet boy is skin and bones, covered in wounds – old and new. Poor King had clearly been attacked numerous times and left to fend for himself, with no proper medical care or food.

If he'd gone a few more days in this condition, he simply wouldn’t have survived. And yet his tail never stops wagging as he solicits attention and affection from everyone he meets

A dog King's size should weigh around 70 pounds ... sadly, he only weighs in at a mere 35 pounds. King is currently receiving IV fluids, special cleanings for his wounds, antibiotics to prevent the spread of infection and 24/7 care with our veterinary staff. He is also being given nutritional supplements and special food to help him regain his strength.

Please show your love and support of King by donating today to our Mend a Friend Fund. Every life matters and is worth saving. King should never have to worry again or be scared - he deserves to live a life where he'll always have a warm bed, yummy food and a loving family to keep him happy and safe!

Thank you in advance for your generosity and for playing a vital role in King's care and recovery.

2 Broken Legs, One Broken Heart

When Charlie Brown - an adorable four pound poodle - arrived at the SPCA of Westchester with two broken legs, he was shaking uncontrollably. He'd cry when anyone tried to show him affection. He recoiled at our touch. He was so scared.

Our staff understood why he was so traumatized...he'd been severely neglected for months and was suffering, in extreme pain. Sadly, he had to undergo emergency surgery to have one of his legs amputated as it was just too far gone to be saved. His other leg, which had previously been broken, is luckily on the mend but will take a while to heal. He will continue to need specialized veterinary care until we will feel confident that he is no longer in any pain.

Your gift today will help support our Mend A Friend Fund so that we can continue to save animals like our sweet boy Charlie Brown and give them a second chance at a new beginning.

Kitten Rescued with Severe Burns 

Nine-week-old kitten French Fry was just looking for a warm, comfortable place to rest when she curled up in a car engine. When the owner of the vehicle heard loud whimpers coming from her car, she discovered poor French Fry ... alone, scared, and clearly in pain.

French Fry was brought to the SPCA, and our Simpson Clinic performed her necessary leg amputation procedure. She will now require multiple surgeries to repair her damaged skin.

Your gift right now towards our Mend a Friend Fund will be put toward French Fry's expensive surgeries and it will help her heal so she can be placed in a safe, loving forever home.  

Injured Cat Thrown from Car Now Looking for a Second Chance

It's hard to tell in this sweet photo but just days ago this adorable cat was thrown from the window of a moving car. Luckily, a Good Samaritan witnessed this horrible act of cruelty and immediately rushed the poor cat, now named Henry, to our Simpson Clinic for emergency veterinary care. Upon examination it was discovered that Henry sustained a broken jaw from his recent trauma and two of his legs had been fractured from an earlier incident, never treated and healed poorly..

It breaks our hearts knowing what Henry has been through and the cruelty he endured. Now that he's safe at the SPCA, Henry will receive the care he needs to heal his well as his broken spirit. Please consider a donation to our Mend a Friend Fund to support Henry's care so he can receive the second chance he deserves.

Our Humane Law Enforcement Unit continues to investigate a lead to find the heartless person(s) who committed this heinous act of animal cruelty.

Help Polo Receive the Surgery He Needs

Four-month old Polo appears to have a Superman complex, though his attempt to leap from a piece of furniture resulted in a fractured leg, causing him extreme pain. Sadly, because Polo’s family could not afford the necessary surgery, they brought him to a local animal hospital to have him euthanized.  

The animal hospital called the SPCA of Westchester and asked us to take in this sweet Morkie (a Maltese and Yorkie mix), and of course we said yes. This little guy will need orthopedic surgery, followed by extensive rehabilitation. Once he recuperates, we will find Polo a safe, loving forever home. 

Help fund Polo's surgery and save the lives of other animals like him.  Polo will get the needed surgery and aftercare thanks to our Mend A Friend Fund: a lifesaving initiative that helps sick or injured animals in need, making it possible for them to receive special surgery or veterinary treatments beyond the scope of our Simpson Clinic.

Your gift today will help bolster our Mend A Friend Fund so that we can continue to save these animals and give them a chance at a new beginning. 

Help Heal Our Sweet Boy, Nacho

When Nacho -- an adorable French bulldog -- recently ran into the street, he was hit by a car and severely injured his left leg and dislocated his right hip. Sadly, because his family could not afford the necessary resulting surgery, they brought him to a local animal hospital with the intention of having him euthanized.

Luckily, the animal hospital performed his first surgery and he is now with us at the SPCA. We will soon take on the responsibility of operating on his hip ... and once he recuperates, we'll find him a safe, loving, forever home.

But before this can happen, we need to raise funds so that Nacho -- and others like him -- receive the treatment they require.  Please help us save Nacho by making a donation to our Mend A Friend Fund today.

Wrinkles and Hope 

Abandoned when his owner had to move, Wrinkles was left home all alone ... neglected for far too long . When a Good Samaritan finally rushed him to the SPCA of Westchester, he urgently needed veterinary care — including costly eye surgery — and is receiving medical care for severe ear infections, eye scabbing and other painful conditions that resulted from his neglect. The donations to our Mend A Friend Fund saved his life . It is generous supporters like you who ensured we could be there for Wrinkles when he needed us.

Hope, a six-week-old kitten, was recently found at a construction site and rushed to the SPCA in severe distress with a fractured hind leg. Thanks to our Mend A Friend Fund, Hope's leg was set ... and should she need future surgery, we can ensure that happens. She is now comfortably resting in a foster home so that she can recover from this trauma. Thanks to Mend A Friend , Hope is healing and getting stronger by the day .

Mount Vernon Man Arrested for Animal Cruelty

The SPCA of Westchester announced today that their Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) Director Ernest Lungaro has arrested Vincent Marable, 57, of 273 West Lincoln Avenue, Mount Vernon. Marable was charged with animal cruelty for confining a dog in the basement of his building without adequate food or water. The young pit bull mix, now named Peanut, was covered in filth, emaciated, dehydrated and suffered from sores all over his body as a result of flea infestation. He was so weak he could barely stand on his feet.

The Mount Vernon Animal Shelter had received an anonymous tip on Friday, August 19 about the neglected animal, and immediately notified the SPCA of Westchester. The dog was brought to a veterinarian for medical attention, then transferred to the SPCA’s Simpson Clinic for evaluation, further treatment and rehabilitation.

During the investigation, the officers found seven additional neglected dogs on the property. Two had been chained together at the necks and tied to a bedroom dresser. Three others were left outdoors without food or water and with no protection from the elements. The remaining two, a poodle and a Yorkshire terrier, also showed signs of severe neglect and were in need of veterinary treatment. All animals were removed from the building.

“The SPCA is thankful to the citizen who alerted the authorities of this heinous treatment of an animal, and we encourage others to do so. Our Animal Cruelty Hotline is 914-941-7797 and is completely confidential,” said Shannon Laukhuf, SPCA Executive Director. “As the investigation continues, we appreciate the collaboration of the Mount Vernon Police Department and the Mount Vernon Animal Shelter.”

To support Peanut's ongoing medical expenses, we hope you will consider a donation towards the Mend a Friend Fund.

Help Heal A Heart-Chloe and Violet  

You'd never know from this sweet photo of Chloe, snuggling with an SPCA staff member, what misery she has endured in her short lifetime. Chloe was one of many dogs who spent their lives cramped in a tiny crate, breeding litter after litter. The practice is known as “backyard breeding,” where dogs like Chloe are being used to produce puppies for profit by their owners. Meanwhile, the moms and dads of the pups are left behind, made to linger in small, dirty cages, prevented from socializing or feeling the warmth and love of a family home. But Chloe’s luck changed for the better when she and her other furry friends were all surrendered to the SPCA.

Sadly, Chloe never received proper veterinary care before we rescued her, and she was in bad shape upon arrival. After a thorough examination by the SPCA's staff veterinarian, it was determined that Chloe needed an echo cardiogram on her heart. As suspected, our sweet, senior girl has a severe heart murmur—grade 6 out of 6 —and needs surgery within the next few weeks if she has any chance of living out the rest of her life in a forever home. The anticipated cost is about $4,000. Please help heal Chloe's heart and consider a donation to help her receive the life-saving the surgery she so desperately needs.

This adorable 8 week old kitten, who we've named Violet, along with her brother were recently found all by themselves, huddled together in a back yard in Yorktown Heights. Worried they’d wander into the busy street or fall victim to wildlife, a Good Samaritan scooped them up and brought them to the SPCA. Violet seemed like most kittens-eager to play and wrestle with the other kittens in our kitten room, loving all the attention she was receiving from our staff and volunteers. She seemed perfectly healthy. However, upon examination, it was discovered that she has a severe grade heart murmur, with which she was likely born with. Violet is scheduled for additional follow up with a cardiologist and we anticipate she will either need surgery or medical attention for the rest of her life. Please consider making a donation to our Mend a Friend Fund so that our precious girl has a second chance.

A Broken Leg That Broke Our Hearts

Acting on a tip phoned into our Confidential Animal Cruelty Hotline, the SPCA's Humane Law Enforcement Unit (HLE) responded to a home in Buchanan, NY where seven 5 month-old puppies were found living crammed together inside a small crate in a garage. We immediately freed them and rushed them back to the SPCA's Simpson Clinic for medical attention. All of the puppies had noticeable hair loss that our veterinarian later determined was caused by demodectic mange which is often brought on by stress.

One puppy in particular stole our hearts as he walked with a pronounced limp. We named him "Red" for his beautiful russet coloring. Although he appeared to be in pain, Red never stopped wagging his tail and giving us kisses. An X-ray confirmed that Red's leg had once been broken but his owner never took him to a veterinarian for treatment. It broke our hearts to think that this little one was suffering and had received no relief.

The SPCA called in an orthopedic specialist to see if there was anything we could do to help the pup. Unfortunately the bones in his leg had fused together
as they were healing and the surgeon reported that the only option at this point was amputation. Not long after the surgery, Red returned to his tail-wagging self - pure love on three legs. But he has a long recovery ahead of him. An investigation by our HLE Unit into the situation is ongoing. 

If you come to see Red at our shelter or any of his adorable tribe who we've affectionately named the "Super Seven" -they are all up for adoption. You wouldn't know that they've had it rough. They are your typical playful, jumping, running, wrestling furry puppies. And that's why we are here. To see that stories like this one have happy endings. But, it takes time and talent and funds. We ask for your help to offset the expenses for Red's surgery and recovery as well as the Super Seven's ongoing medical treatment for mange. Please consider making a contribution to our Mend A Friend Fund so we may continue to be there when an animal needs us - no matter what we have to do, no matter the cost. Thank you for your ongoing generosity. The Super Seven siblings offer high-velocity, grateful wagging tails for your kindness, too.

Help the Yonkers Cats

On April 24, 2014, Lungaro was called to the Yonkers location after Yonkers Department of Public Works employees discovered the bodies of 25 cats hanging from a tree, and several dead felines on the ground.

The SPCA's HLE Unit and Yonkers Police conducted interviews with residents in the neighborhood and pursued all leads. Carcamo was questioned on several occasions by authorities regarding the dead cats at Overlook Terrace. 

In July, Lungaro instructed Carcamo to get veterinary assistance for kittens living in his apartment that were visibly sick. When it was determined that he had not complied, Lungaro removed the kittens from his home. A veterinary exam found that the kittens had conjunctivitis, discharge from nose and mouth and were severely neglected.

"The SPCA of Westchester is pleased that an arrest has been made in this case, after many months of investigation, interviews and hard work," said Lungaro. "We are grateful to the Yonkers Police Department and the Westchester County District Attorney's Office for helping us to make this possible."

"The SPCA remains saddened by the magnitude and severity of this crime against such innocent animals," said Executive Director Shannon Laukhuf. "Our focus since the incident has been to help feral and stray cats living in that location by examining them for disease and illness, performing spay and neuter surgeries and seeking a safer place for them to live. We are looking for outdoor facilities such as barns to house the cats."

Last week numerous homeless cats and kittens were rescued by the SPCA of Westchester from Overlook Terrace in Yonkers, the same location where the remains of 25 cats were discovered this past April, strung up in plastic bags hanging from a tree. Several of the cats had been bludgeoned to death.

The cats and kittens we rescued had been SPCA of West Chester New York living in squalid conditions in a back alley near the crime scene and have multiplied significantly in the last few months. They range from very friendly to feral. While some are more social and can be adopted into homes, it's critical to locate barn homes or adopters who have secure outdoor structures for those cats that are not suitable or happy living inside.

New York Upon arrival to the SPCA, all of the cats sadly required immediate veterinary attention for eye infections and upper respiratory ailments. Once they are well enough they will be placed up for adoption and of course will receive lots of TLC in the meanwhile! If you can't adopt at this time we hope you will consider a donation to help with the cost of their medical care. 

Help "Skinny" Marie

With the new year comes new challenges and more animals who desperately need our help. It didn't take very long for our first case of severe neglect to appear when a beautiful, but extremely mistreated and emaciated dog was brought to us by animal control. She could barely walk she was so dehydrated, malnourished and in need of immediate medical attention. We named her "skinny" Marie.

Our "skinny" Marie is about 2 years-old and is a mixed pitbull breed who should weigh about 50-60 lbs.. However, this poor girl weighed in at a measly 27 lbs., which broke our hearts. 

We started feeding her small meals every few hours. As she started to gain her strength back it was clear that she knew she was safe. Her tail began wagging and she gave everyone big sloppy kisses! Check out our video above of this happy girl. With medical treatment and TLC, she is on her way to becoming simply, Marie. Please consider making a Donation here to our Mend a Friend Fund and help her on her road to recovery and all the dogs and cats just like her that need extra care. 

Support Our Fighter, Champ

On Wednesday, January 29, 2014, a pit bull puppy and two adult pit bulls were seized by police and brought to the SPCA of Westchester. It was suspected that the dogs had been abandoned in an apartment, living in filth and squalor.

The 5-month-old puppy suffered serious blunt force trauma to his head and face, crushing a part of his skull. Extensive facial wounds were infected and covered in dead tissue, impairing his vision in the sunken remaining eye.

In the days ahead, "Champ", as our staff called him, required pain management, antibiotics, daily anesthesia, wound management and bandage changes. There were many surgeries, the removal of his right eye, facial reconstruction and skin grafts. The severe abuse and neglect this puppy endured caused him to suffer terribly; we can't imagine who would be so cruel.

Despite the severity of his injuries, Champ was always sweet, responding favorably to the loving attention he received from our SPCA staff. And the best news is, our special friend is now living with a loving family who cherishes him and gives him all the affection he could ever hope for!! Thank you to all our Mend A Friend donors who made this happy ending possible. 

Help Our Boy, Louie

The SPCA of Westchester’s Humane Law Enforcement received a disturbing phone call on the morning of July 17th. Staff at the Mt. Vernon Animal Shelter had found an emaciated pitbull puppy at their doorsteps, stuffed in a suitcase. The puppy, now named Louie, was rushed to the SPCA’s Simpson Clinic after Mt. Vernon Shelter staff were instructed by Ernest Lungaro, Director of the SPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement, to get him to the SPCA where he could receive emergency medical care. Louie is believed to be 7 months old and a typical puppy his age and breed would normally weigh 40 pounds. Louie weighs a mere 16 pounds.

Upon arrival, it was clear that Louie was so emaciated and malnourished that he couldn’t even stand up or walk. This sweet little puppy was so weak he could barely even lift his head. The staff here feared the worse, unsure if Louie was too far gone to save and possibly suffering from kidney failure due to his condition.Thanks to the amazing Veterinary staff here, Louie was immediately given the medical attention he so desperately needed. His future, although still uncertain, is slowly progressing. Louie can now hold down his food and today he took his first steps, tail wagging with a toy in his mouth! It is because of you, our amazing supporters we are able to help animals in need like Louie. Won’t you please consider donating to Louie’s Special Mend a Friend Fund?